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Russian escorts uk

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Royal Navy via Reuters Dec. The HMS St.

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After the same event last year just two Russian warships had to be shadowed by the Royal Navy.

Johnson accused Russia of meddling in Britain's internal affairs but said there were still areas in which the two countries could work together. Royal Navy via Reuters Dec.

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The navy said there has been a recent surge in Russian vessels traveling near U. The HMS St.

There has also been an increase in recent years of Russian escorys planes testing NATO and British air defenses, leading to jets being scrambled to keep Russian fighters away. Related Topics. Officials said that on Christmas Eve, a navy vessel was used to escort a Russian intelligence-gathering ship through the North Sea and English Channel.

Johnson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov disagreed on a of policy points, reflecting increasing tensions between Britain and Russia. The Associated Press.

The month prior the Navy spent five days shadowing Russian warships through the Channel. It comes after seven Russian warships were shadowed by nine Royal Navy vessels in March due to "unusually high levels of activity" in the English Channel and North Sea. In addition, a Royal Navy helicopter was used to track other Russiaan vessels in the area.

Albans with sailors on board was used to escort the Russian Admiral Gorshkov frigate on Monday through what British officials called "areas of national interest" on Christmas Day. British officials warned this month escoets Russian ships may cut undersea internet cables in a bid to disrupt communications and commerce.